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Realizaremos los servicios de Dirección de Obra y Coordinación de Seguridad y Salud de las diferentes obras enmarcadas en el proyecto “AMPLIACIÓN Y MODERNIZACIÓN DE LA ESTACIÓN INVERNAL VALLE LACIANA-LEITARIEGOS” para la Diputación de León

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El Ayuntamiento de Siero adjudica a Magna Dea la Redacción del Proyecto de urbanización de los accesos a Pola de Siero por el noroeste (Autovía Minera AS-I)

Tras la adjudicación del contrato licitado por CIUDEN (Fundación Ciudad de la Energía), Magna Dea desarrollará la ingeniería para la implantación de sistemas de producción de hidrógeno verde y almacenamiento de energía.

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José María Lana, president of  Red Cross in Asturias, presents the "Humanitarian Technology Award" to Magna Dea for the COV RED project for early detection of Covid-19 in wastewater.

Magna Dea SL, has been awarded the service of technical assistance for control of works to support the technical office of the port autority of Gijón.

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The international technological cooperation 

project C-ICE-BIOHYDRO, in which Magna Dea S.L and Carnot Ltd. participate, has been awarded the Eurostars Seal.

Finalizado con éxito nuestro proyecto con Sello Eurostars, llevando a cabo un motor de combustión interna de Hidrógeno


Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.


Isaac Asimov

About us

Magna Dea is a dynamic company with extensive experience in different fields related to engineering, consultancy, power generation and public services management.


Our team of professionals includes PhD Engineers, Engineers and highly qualified specialists in the sectors where we develop our activity. We all have the objective of achieving excellence by offering a reliable, high quality and cost-competitive service to our clients, based on the principles of ethics and professionalism.

We have a clear vocation of integral service, carrying out ‘project management´ in energy, water and industrial processes fields. We do this by using the know-how, the ingenuity and the capacity for innovation of our team to move towards a sustainable development of society. We create solutions through every step of project development, from studies, plans, specifications and work supervision to commissioning and start-up. We provide innovative, sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions that respect social and environmental responsibilities.



Our management system is endorsed by Certificates of Quality Management, Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management, applicable to project development activities and service supply in the engineering field.

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Para más información sobre nuestra Política de Gestión puede acceder 

Para más información sobre nuestra Política Ambiental puede acceder 



Magna Dea offers comprehensive assistance in the fields of engineering and consultancy: from planning and site management to the start-up of the installation.

We can advise the promoter to optimize his investment from the project development, the site management, the evaluation of suppliers, process optimization… a flexible and suitable service adequate to the necessities of each project, ensuring an optimal solution.

Fields of action 


Combined Cycles 

Biomass Gasification

Geothermal energy  

Waste to Energy

Hydroelectric Power Generation


water supply | sewerage | DWTP | WWTP | service management


industrial buildings

Partial planning

Industrial urbanism


process optimization

Dismantling of installations

Relocation of industrial plants Industrial audits



River modeling

Potential flood studies

Environmental management of works Environmental recovery

Hydrulic-sanitary planning

Types of services

Alternative studies, technical-economic feasibility, analysis of costs and processes

Project management

Drafting of construction projects, detail engineering

Technical and energetic audit, maintenance of installations

Technical due diligences, equipment and industrial assets valuation

Commissioning and start-up

Permitting, integral enviromental authorizations

Supervision and control of municipal services

Monitoring of technical shutdowns in generation plants

Expropriation management

Health and Safety Coordination

Site management, environmental monitoring of works

Authorization for discharge and abstraction

Participation in european consortium and projects, R&D





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