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Steam Blowing for turbines in Power Plants facilities

Service | Steam Blowing in Power Plants
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Before plant start up, a steam blowing of the main pipework was done following SIEMENS

procedure. During a steam blow, the piping is blown with enough boiler pressure to ensure

that sufficient dynamic pressure will be experienced in the pipe to provide adequate


After finishing this work, we ensure that there are not particles left in the pipe from the

construction phase that could break loose and impact into the steam turbine or any

instrumentation. Commonly, boiler pressures used in steam blowing provide a dynamic

pressure throughout the piping that is at least 20% higher than the pressure that would be

experienced in normal operating conditions (CFR > 1,2)

The steam blowing method is similar to the exhaustive air blowing technique but in this case,

the boiler is heated to generate pressurized steam, which is used to clean the steam away.

Specialized quick opening valves and a detailed procedure, along with the design of

temporary spools and flanges, steam quenching devices and silencers are required to

perform this service.

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