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Network renewal Plan of EMA in Gijón

The Project has the following characteristics:



Georeferencing of more than 67,000 registered incidents in the EMA's  database according to the description of the place where they took place.

Creation of density maps, also known as heat maps, using the ARCGIS software. These maps facilitates the viewing of the spatial dispersion of the incidences and of different attributes associated with them (working hours, cost, etc.).

Realisation of a multi-criteria analysis using GIS tools for the determination of the supply networks  and sanitation sections that should be considered as a priority for its renewal.

Analised variables have been structural (material, diameter, age, pressure, slope, etc.) as well as of maintenance (number of incidents, working hours, cost) and of risk (affected population volume, affectation to big consumers, industrial areas, etc.).

The length of the analyzed supply network is of 1240 km, while sanitation pipes studied sum a total of 1057 km.

Comparative study of the available technologies for the supply and sanitation networks renewal according to technical, economic and environmental criteria.

Generation of a logical algorithm that allows to quickly determine the most accurate methodology for the renewal and the cost associated with it.

Estimated budget for the renewal projects considered as a priority for the next 5 years.



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