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Sanitation Project and WWTP of Trevías. T.M. from Valdés (Asturias)

Service | Sanitation project and EDAR

Client | Confederación Hidrográfica del Cantábrico

Budget | 7,736,949.84 € (IVA incl.)

The aim of the project is design the sanitation collectors to be executed in the parishes of Carcedo, Muñás and Trevías (T.M. de Valdés), as well as the Purification Stations necessary to treat the flows of sewage collected.

The nuclei whose discharges have to be collected in principle are found entirely in the T.M. de Valdés: Brieves, Trevías, Gamones, Balsera, San Feliz, Los Pontones, Cortina, Pescareo and Villanueva in the Parroquia de Trevías; Carcedo, Muñás de Abajo, Villar de Carcedo, Oré and Pontigón in the Parish of Carcedo; Muñás in the Parish of Muñás and San Martín de Santiago and Calcabo in the Parish of Santiago.

Proyecto saneamiento y EDAR La Espina

Recording of the video made with a drone

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