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oil revaluation

Energy revaluation of oils on a semi-industrial scale

Magna Dea continues with the development of its R&D line in which it aims to achieve "energy revaluation of oils" using water gasification technology in supercritical conditions.


In this research project, it is intended to replicate on a semi-industrial scale the conditions achieved at the laboratory scale, after successfully completing the concept tests carried out during the past year 2015. The aim of the project is  continue with the experimental development initiated in 2015 giving thus continuity to the knowledge acquired and that have demonstrated the viability to obtain a hydrogen-rich gas with high value for the industry.


In this project, the development of a semi-industrial scale prototype for the supercritical water gasification of this type of pollutants is approached, with the aim again to synthesize Hydrogen from oily residues. The final result aims to achieve a TRL that brings us closer to the final objective that is none other than the launch of a team on the market, demonstrating the validity and competitiveness of this new technology in conditions as similar as possible to those we can find in a industrial scale plant.

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