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Innovative and sustainable system of energy production from waste

Design and development of an economic energy supply system, with low-carbon energy emissions, based on the production of biofuels- gaseous and liquid- from organic agriculture waste and other sources, which are transformed into electrical energy by means of cogeneration.

The main aim of the project is to test, implement and subsequently commercialized, a fundamentally new technology for the design and development of a low-cost and low carbon electricity supply system. The innovative scientific and technical products related to this technology namely are:

1. A vortex/swirling gasifier using wastes as raw material such as agricultural waste, timber and wastes from woodworking industries. What is more, other wastes that can be used are organic technological or technogenic wastes, including those coming from the coal industry, and municipal solid waste – nearly 30 different typologies of organic waste were already successfully tested.

2. A power generation system using the vortex gas generator products as fuel.

3. Auxiliary equipment (fuel system, cooling system, filtration system, automatic control system and special components for the autonomous operation of the gas piston).


In collaboration with the company High Strength Concrete of Russia

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