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Biomass Gasification Plant to be integrated in Combined Cycle - Alentejo Portugués

Service | Construction project
Client | Private
Budget | €12.5 million

Power plant based on a simple combined cycle capable of generating 18 MWt. It serves for the treatment and gasification of rough forest biomass, whose result is the generation of synthesis gas with moderate calorific value. The syngas will be treated in the process of particles removal and purification of polluting gases, in order to be properly mixed with a certain percentage of natural gas. That mixture burns in the gas turbine with the thermal-energy efficiency expected.

The principal equipment of the gasification process is:

 • GASIFIER - Bubbling Fluidized Bed
 • CYCLONE - high efficiency cyclone
 • SRUBBER - operated by wet process


The combined cycle is composed of the following main elements:
 • single core engine gas turbine - alternator of 6.3 MWe
 • heat recovery steam boiler HRSB
 • single core engine steam turbine - alternator of 3.3 MWe
 • condenser

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